Valli & Valli


Valli & ValliIn 1934, after many years of managing the design and production umbrella handles, Pasquale Valli had a clear idea of what he wanted to do: make door handles that would be completely different in shape, material, performance and quality from traditional handles. At Valli & Valli, Italian design and style is complemented by advance automation and the manual skill of man.

Today, Valli & Valli has since branched out from making door handles exclusively, to also creating other fine decorative pieces such as furniture fittings, bathroom accessories, mirrors and utility cabinets manufactured in Italy.

Valli & Valli prototypes are subjected to mechanical tests of simulated wear as well as tests simulating the corrosive effect on handles caused by atmospheric agents. During production process, as much as possible is recycled and used again, from materials to water, and the discharge of refuse occurs under careful control. Also in the production environment, every effort is made to create the best conditions of health and welfare for those working there.